The 2011 Tapestry Conference will be held on Saturday, October 29th, at Irving Bible Church. Registration is now open, and you are invited to join us for this free conference (a free lunch is also included).

This could be a great introduction to adoption, foster care, or just ministering to those involved in either. Lots of information and breakout sessions will also be available for seasoned foster parents and adoptive parents. Tracts also available for adult adoptees and social work/counseling professionals.  Training certificates will be available for foster and adoptive parents at the conclusion of the conference.

With more than twenty breakout sessions to choose from, this year’s Tapestry Conference promises to be the most informative yet. We are also delighted to welcome Jayne Schooler as the general session speaker for the 2011 Tapestry Conference. Jayne is the author of several well-known books for adoptive and foster parents, including The Whole Life Adoption Book, Telling the Truth to Your Adopted or Foster Child and Wounded Children, Healing Homes.



I would also recommend reading the article he is writing in response to.  These are complex issues but important enough to try to understand.  Please pray that those outside of “the church” would “know us by our love”, especially in the area of Christians stepping up to care for the fatherless. will have the full event available on their site in HD starting Friday evening, Nov 13th.  It is 2 hours long and well worth your time.

Today – 4-6 pm Orphan Sunday simulcast LIVE!

Love for you to check this out!

Buckner is hosting an Adoption/Foster Care Parents training conference in Dallas and is needing volunteers to help take care of children while parents go to the training. We are hoping to bring at least 10 volunteers from The Ridge. Volunteers need to be 18 and older, although Buckner has said they would accept 16-17 yr olds who were very mature and responsible (with parental support).
Event details:
Saturday August 1st
8:45 – 12:15
Adoption/Foster Care Training Conference
5200 S Buckner Blvd
Dallas Texas
Contact one of the following if you are interested in helping
Tina Jay
Heather Moore
Kristin Mathis

This Saturday, December the 6th (2-4), we will host an informational meeting at our church (back in the Gathering Place) for foster care and adoption (from the foster care system).  Please make plans to join us. 

This meeting is listed on the state website.  Please pray that everyone who is interested can make the time, find our location and get the info that they need.  We’d love to have a great turnout and explore ways to support foster families in our community.  Here’s the link–